April 3rd, 2013


Date Grab -- Sunday, June 9th -- come please join the celebration!

As most of you know, Kate and I are getting married in September. That's going to be a fancy, formalish shindig down in Providence, aimed mainly at the families. It should be fun, but has two small issues:

1) It's necessarily small -- the site only holds about 90 people. So we can only invite a few friends.
2) Getting married in RI isn't as easy and flexible as doing so in MA.

Sooo -- we've decided to have a big wedding party for our friends! (Which might, technically, be the legal wedding as well, so I can get onto Kate's insurance.) This one is *not* going to be fancy and formal: instead, we're going for a relaxed, fun and social afternoon. It'll probably involve dancing, gaming, a potluck meal and generally hanging out with folks.

Details are still being worked out, but this is pretty open-invite, and we'd love to have our friends there with us for the day. So pencil it in, and I hope y'all can make it!