May 7th, 2013


When you make something from a Model, what is it?

Casting my net a little wider than the querki_project community for this one, since I'm looking for brainstorming.

Querki is trying (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to avoid conventional programming jargon -- both because my concepts tend not to quite match the usual words, and simply to *sound* less like programming.

So I've got this concept that I call "Model". It's kinda-sorta like a "class" in object-oriented programming, although it's really more like a "prototype" in languages like Javascript. It's the basis we're using for a kind of Thing. Models are stuff like "Person", "Email Message", "Blog Entry" -- the abstract structures that you fill in to get something real.

What do we call those "something real"s, though? That is, what is the term for something that specifically *isn't* a Model, but is based on one? It's not "Thing" -- everything is a Thing, including Models. The technical term is "instance", but that *sounds* technical to my ear, and I would like to see if we can find an alternative. The only other idea I've had so far is "item", but that's a tad wishy-washy, and can get confused with list elements.

So -- anyone have suggestions? This is about to become real, since I'm about to add the method that is "all the non-Model instances that derive from this Model", and I'm trying to figure out what that is named...

ETA, so I don't lose track of it: over on Facebook, 'hannes mentioned the word "entity", which isn't half-bad. It has the right connotations of concreteness, and we're not doing anything else with the term...

The aforementioned legal defense fund

A quick signal boost: folks have set up the beginnings of a fund to deal with the JonMon lawsuit that I mentioned yesterday. Details can be found over on the davis_square LJ. (Note additional details down in the comments -- in particular, since some folks don't care for PayPal, they've set up an alternative or two.)

If you care about the issues here, and have the means to do so, I would recommend that you consider contributing -- even if they line up a pro bono lawyer, there will probably be some significant expenses here. Thank you.