May 20th, 2014


That may be a new record in time spent before getting to the point

FYI for those who gave up on the strip, oh, 15 years or so ago: they have *finally* rationalized the name Sluggy Freelance. The rationalization is utterly ridiculous, of course (it involves Bun-Bun actually being an ancient god of power named Lord Sluggy), but rather to my surprise they're managing to tie together 17 years' worth of plot threads in a way that almost makes sense if you squint hard, and are willing to accept a truly insane level of time-travel complexity...

Just in case you had any confidence in the conventional wisdom WRT nutrition

h/t to siderea for the pointer to this beautifully horrifying little article about a visit to a nutritionists' conference. I disagree with Mother Jones' view on a number of issues, but have to agree with the upshot here, that this pretty terrible from a public-information and policy standpoint.

(It's worth reading, but the summary is that a lot of big food companies sponsor the convention, and apparently pack it with very slanted information. Sounds like a very subtle version of regulatory capture, essentially...)