May 19th, 2015


Poll: should photo carousels auto-transition or not?

Time for a quick survey.


A lot of my time and attention at the moment is being spent on Photos in Querki. It turns out, as I go through my Use Cases, that Photos aren't just a nice-to-have -- the ability to add Photos as a first-class data type, easily, in a controlled way, is one of Querki's real power features, and I'm finding that almost every Use Case wants them. So I'm spending a bunch of time this month improving their UX.

I finally realized yesterday that the existing Photo mechanism is still a bit too hard to program. Specifically, if you simply say [[My List of Photos]], it shows you all of the photos, full-sized, running down the page erratically -- what you asked for, but almost never what you actually *want*. I believe the right answer here is to default to showing a "carousel" -- a single window showing one photo, with buttons allowing you to scroll through them. This seems to be the consensus approach on the Web these days. (It will still be possible to display your photos in other ways, but as usual for Querki, I want the default behavior to typically be a good answer.)

The Question

Which brings us to the question. Bootstrap's Carousel mechanism leans towards being animated -- sliding from one picture to the next, automatically, every five seconds, basically as a slide show. Personally, I actually find that a little annoying: I prefer to flip through these things at my own pace. I don't know whether I'm just being weird, though, so let's gather at least a *little* data to decide the default.

Assume that I will eventually put this under the Space owner's control; I just want to decide what happens by default.

Would you typically prefer to see a photo carousel that slides from photo to photo automatically, every five seconds, or click manually from photo to photo?

I would like see it slideshow-style, working automatically
I would prefer that it not be automatic, and change slides myself