Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Stupid Freedom Fries Flap

Y'know, on the one hand this silly nonsense about the House of Representatives changing the names in its cafeteria is a complete tempest in a teapot, less than inconsequential.

And yet, the whole thing disturbs me on a surprising number of levels. On the one hand, there's the slightly Orwellian touch of intentionally manipulating language for political ends. On the other, there's the intent of the symbolism, trying to say that anyone who doesn't agree with the US is somehow bad and evil, and we should be mocking them at every turn. (As if the US has been a consistent supporter of France's policies in the past.) And then there's the sheer pointlessness of the maneuver, which simply proves to the rest of the world (and, indeed, to many Americans) that the US legislature has finally lost its collective wits -- the governmental equivalent of running around with underwear on your head.

I'm curious: anyone know if there's a convenient way to get the roll call on recent votes? I'm rather curious about whether my rep supported this foolishness -- it's at least worth an email complaint if so...

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