Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Thanks to the AFA...

Somewhere along the line, some joker put me onto the mailing list for the American Family Association, one of those right-wing nutjob organizations whose views manage to be *perfectly* abhorrent -- not only do I disagree with them, they reliably argue for precisely the opposite of what I believe.

At first, I thought it was just an irritant, but now I've come to realize that their spam is downright useful, because of all their exhortations to action. About once a week, I get a spam telling me about some horrible, horrible people doing something Wicked and Immoral, and how I should rush out to complain about it. And y'know, it's a *great* way to keep an eye on the right wing and counteract them.

For example, this week's screed is (once again) about Those Evil People At Walgreens, who have the temerity to support the Gay Games, and implores everyone to write to them. Okay, fine -- time to send them an encouraging note. Further down, there's a paragraph about those foul tempters at Target, who have started to carry "sex toys". Getting my my skepticism that anything they carry is going to get past the prosaic, I have to appreciate the way they are dealing with real human needs.

And so on. Really, if you can get past the disgust and get to the humor of the whole thing, the AFA mailing list is a remarkably useful tool for keeping track of what needs neutralizing right now...

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