January 31st, 2017


Uber vs. Lyft?

h/t to [personal profile] drwex for pointing out this article.  (tl;dr: when taxi drivers held a strike to protest Trump's policies, Uber went and dropped their prices to fill in the void.)

On the one hand, I wouldn't necessarily condemn Uber if it was *just* this incident, and I'm enough of a businessman to sympathize with the desire to grab market share when there's an opportunity.  That said, Uber has shown an exceptional degree of anti-social bull-headedness even by the standards of corporate America -- they've consistently been assholes at the corporate level -- and their CEO joined one of Trump's advisory boards, which doesn't exactly endear them to me.

And on top of that, Lyft (their biggest competitor) is apparently responding by donating a million bucks to the ACLU.

It's time to start making clear to corporate America that we *are* paying attention, and we *are* going to punish them where it counts -- in the balance sheet.  The right wing has been using this tactic pretty effectively over the years, and we should be playing the game, hard.  So I think I'm likely to join the #deleteuber movement.

Which brings us to the question: I haven't used Lyft.  Is there *any* reason not to just delete the Uber app and switch?

(NB: I actually still use old-fashioned taxis a fair amount, in part because I sympathize with the poor bastards who spent a fortune on a medallion whose value has crashed.  Green/Yellow Cab is doing a fair job of being somewhat competitive, and I commend their app to folks who live in this neck of the woods.  But in some circumstances the modern ride-hailing services are just more convenient, as well as usually cheaper, and I don't really have any principled objection to them...)

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