Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Other Anniversaries

It always weirds people out a bit when I tell them that we are heading out to our anniversary dinner on Halloween. No, it's not the wedding anniversary. Rather, it was 21 years ago tonight that we went on our first date.

Whereas the wedding anniversary calls for going out somewhere fancy (used to be Versailles when it was still open; nowadays more often Blue Ginger), the date anniversary is deliberately something more casual. The original date was at Grendel's, and we went there every year until the upstairs dining room was closed. This year, we landed at Bertucci's, that being somewhere convenient that we can reprise our traditional dinner of Alfredo (me) and Lasagna (her). (We knew we were meant for each other when we got those original platters, looked up and in unison said, "Would you like my tomatoes?")

A pleasant night out -- a little romantic, a little domestic. But it's a little hard to believe it's been 21 years...
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