Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Latest Job Opening

Once more into the fray. One of our architects recently left (to go manage an overseas team in China, lord help him), and we're looking for a replacement. We're shooting for someone not quite that senior this time (the team's already a smidgeon top-heavy), so we're looking for a solid Senior Software Engineer.

Major requirements: we need someone with real experience on the server side, ideally around 5 years of development in a commercial environment focused on scalable servers. C# experience is a requirement, as is strong OOD skill. Javascript experience is a plus -- we could use someone who can help with the fancier side of the web interfaces, and our client is written in Flash Actionscript, a Javascript variant. ADO.NET background would also be very useful, as well as general database background.

If you think this fits you, drop me a note and I'll forward the full job posting...

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