Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Help Needed

Hmm. Okay -- movers or not, I think we're going to need some assistance here.

Specifically, we're looking at two critical days. The first is this coming Sunday (Nov. 27th). We're renting a van this weekend to drive down to NJ (assuming my cousin is going to be there to open her garage for us). We're going to pick up a Big Mucking Rug and some other stuff, and come back Saturday. Since we're going to have the van anyway, we're going to brave the horror of IKEA on Sunday morning, and pick up a zillion bookcases. We would dearly love to get some help unloading that load -- it's a lot of heavy boxes, and we're going to hurt ourselves if we try to get it all into the house by ourselves. That would involve rendezvousing at the new house at about 2pm Sunday.

The second will be the Box Moving Day. I think that the smart thing for us to do is ask people to help us move a zillion boxes on Sunday, Dec. 4th (the day after Snow Ball). That will be a typical Carolingian Moving Company day -- we could use lots of people helping us load from the old house, and unload into the new one. This will only be relatively small boxes and minor furniture, though -- the big and heavy stuff will be dealt with by the movers on Tuesday. Frankly, this may be the real move: the new bed should be in the new house by then, so we'll probably just live out of boxes for the intervening days.

So we're mostly looking for folks able to help with heavy but manageable stuff this Sunday, and looking for any and all help on the following Sunday. If you can help, please drop us a note: we'll send directions and keep you in the loop for the exact timing. Thanks!
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