Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


I've honestly forgotten from whom I got this FAQ about the Everett interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, AKA "the many-worlds theory", but they have my thanks. I'm working through it slowly, and quite enjoying it. It is just the sort of discussion I've been looking for for some time now -- an exposition that breaks down the subject enough so that the non-specialist can grasp it, while still remaining deeply grounded in the details. As a result, I'm at least able to understand most of it, while finally getting a sense of the important subtleties of the idea.

Recommended for the curious physics layman like myself. (And I'd be interested if the real physics experts have major criticisms of it.) I've long considered this approach to make a certain intuitive sense, and that's only magnified by grokking the idea a little better. Then again, I have a slightly weird intuition...
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