Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Moving Party this Sunday!

After talking about it for many years, Caitlin and I are actually moving -- we've found a new house, and the movers are coming on Tuesday. Preparatory to that, we're having a Moving Day to move all the small stuff, before the movers come and take the furniture. And we need help!

The Moving Party will start at noonish this Sunday, at our old house; directions can be found at http://jducoeur.org/household.cgi?MontclairAve

We've packed much of the house into nice square boxes; the plan is to get a van to take lots of these boxes, and hopefully have people grab some of the more irregularly shaped stuff and carry it in cars. Then we'll all troop over to the new house -- http://jducoeur.org/household.cgi?Crossert -- and unload stuff into that. We might also do a load to one of the storage units (we have three of them at this point), if there is time. For those who are of a handy disposition, there are 15 new bookcases from IKEA that would be lovely to build and put stuff onto. In the late afternoon, we'll be getting pizza for the whole crowd. (If anyone has specific pizza recommendations in the Burlington area, we'd love to hear them!)

So if you're free on Sunday, please come on by -- it should be a fun afternoon of carrying stuff around and seeing friends. Drop us a line if you have questions, but please note that our email access may get flaky over the weekend (we're hoping to have the computer moved before this starts, but we're at the mercy of Comcast).

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