Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

We're walking, we're walking...

Many thanks to everyone who helped us move today! It was a great success, and demonstrated that msmemory and I have even more crap than we had realized. (Two full-sized cargo vans and the backs of several peoples' cars was sufficient to move all of what we have managed to pack to date. Now it's just a matter of lots of little trips back and forth, carting stuff over as fast as we can pack it.) I'd also like to thank the folks who stayed a little later and built several of those IKEA bookcases, which gave us somewhere to put the massive piles of crap in the office. We're now down to a small hillock in the middle of the room, instead of a mighty mountain.

Everyone should note that msmemory's and my Internet access is going to be somewhat wonky for at least the next couple of days. Since the cable guy failed his punctuality roll yesterday (showed up at 3:30 for a "1 to 3pm" slot, just as I was on my way out the door to the event), we still have no signal at the new house, and won't until at least Tuesday. We're leaving the computer at the old house for the intervening days, so it's available when we're here, but that's just going to be once a day. We'll probably check our email from the web while we're at work, but that's hit-or-miss. If you need us at all promptly, use the phone or work email. (My login is "mwaks" at Convoq.)

Anyway, tonight is the big milestone -- we're starting to sleep at the new house. We'll be living out of boxes for a couple of days until the furniture moves, but we're now more there than here. Please send GTs for decent weather on Tuesday -- if the threatened nor'easter shows up, it may put a real crimp in our plans...

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