Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Safely (if crowdedly) ensconced in the new house

Overall, I have to say that today went about as well as could reasonably be hoped. The much-feared snow entirely failed to materialize, with the result that we got to the old house by 7:50 and the movers showed up at 8:01. msmemory arrived with coffee and donuts for all a few minutes later, which started everyone off on a good note.

Gentle Giant proved to be everything the recommendations had implied: a tad pricey, but super-competent and immensely polite and friendly. All of the furniture was swaddled with more care than many people give their babies, and I have no reason to believe that anything was so much as scratched. I have to admit that they gained bonus points when one of the movers pointed out that he knew me slightly though Weirdian circles, although we couldn't decide whether it was from his dabblings in SCA or my dabblings around LARP, or both of us simply encountering each other at Arisia.

I get the impression that we were a bit unusual in our level of prep and organization. We started with the tour of the old house and inventory of what needed to go (with all pathways carefully cleared in advance); on the receiving end, we knew fairly precisely where everything was to be placed, since msmemory had spent a couple of weeks fiddling with the Jordan's Furniture room-design app. (One of the nicer uses for Flash I've come across.) As a result, they finished a task that was supposed to take 9-11 hours in just about 7. To their credit, they did nothing to stretch that time (despite being paid by the hour); we gave them a good healthy tip for a job more or less perfectly done. Recommended.

Shortly after that, the cable guy arrived for Try #2. As I suspected, he looked pretty dyspeptic by the time I finished giving him the tour of the wiring. I gave him the requested permission to tear up as much as necessary to get it working. That came out decently well, but it turned out that the line to the master bedroom had bad wiring, so that one's going to have to be entirely replaced before we can use a TV there. (So holes in the wall somewhere.) OTOH, that was by far the lowest priority -- more a "we might want a TV in here someday" than anything else, so we'll worry about that if and when the time comes.

So we've fetched the computer and moved it in. It's in the playroom for now -- since the previous owners ran Ethernet into, eg. the laundry room but not the living room (forcing me to wonder just what *were* they doing in the laundry room, anyway?), I can't put it up on the desk until I go get a wifi card for it, sometime in the next few days. But we have email here now, so it feels much more like home.

(Speaking of which, though -- it appears that Comcast is doing its damndest to screw over Forevermail, which manages the waks.org domain, spuriously blacklisting its mail servers on an occasional basis. If you get cryptic bounces from our waks.org addresses in the near future, use one of our other email addresses. Our physical address is our last name at comcast dot net; that ought to get through even if waks.org is having problems...)

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