Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


As I've been detailing here for months, msmemory and I have a new house, a lovely remodeled split in Burlington. Having spent most of the past month unpacking boxes, the clutter seems to be down to a bearable level. So it's time for a party!

Y'all are invited to a housewarming party this coming Sunday, January 8th. It'll be running from roughly 3-10pm; come on by for whatever part of that works for you. We'll be providing some core snacks and dinner food (primarily chili and pie, I believe), but contributions are welcome. Parents should please keep an eye on their kids -- the house is not childproofed. There are no cats in the house yet, so it should be decently allergy-safe.

Directions can be found on our household Wiki. Come help make Crossert a warm nook in the midst of the cold winter!

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