Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

And up the the last hill of the roller-coaster...

Well, that was gratifyingly quick. After a month or two of cleanup on the old house (fixing the most egregious problems with the wood, repainting and recarpeting the interior), we finally formally put it on the market last week, and got two offers today. Neither for quite as much as I would like, but both within the range I was expecting -- I think we hit the correct price point for a quick sale, as we were hoping.

Fingers crossed that this goes smoothly. One of the offers seems appropriate: motivated and experienced buyers who are looking for a fast and easy process themselves, and don't seem any more into haggling details than we are. (Among other things, they're explicitly okay with junk left behind in the attic, which saves us a minor hassle.) If that goes well, we may be done with that last big step of the move in under six weeks...
Tags: house
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