Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Unexpected Bug Causation

Well, that's one of the more amusing theories I've heard lately.

One of our customers runs very heavy A/V out of his house using our software -- he runs big seminars all day, every day, using audio, video, screen-sharing -- the works. All of this has worked quite well until the past week or so, when things suddenly got far glitchier for him, with all sorts of connectivity problems appearing. We've more or less determined that it's a network problem: he's doing all this over a cable modem, so it's not *completely* surprising that his connectivity is less reliable than one would expect from, say, a T1 line. But we couldn't figure out what had changed to cause the problems this week.

And then the customer-service rep who's been working with him pointed out that it's school vacation week. Hordes of teenagers, out of school, playing games over the net, running torrents, and generally stressing the heck out of that poor shared-line cable system.

Don't know if that's actually what happened, but it's painfully plausible...
Tags: programming

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