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Two more major milestones passed today in The Great Moving Project. First, we finished cleaning out Storage Unit 1: emptied out the last items and closed the contract. After having that particular unit for well over five years, and some unit at Extra Space for probably ten or so, we're finally quit of the place. I won't miss it: it's much too expensive, and not very well-maintained. (I'm always afraid that the lift is going to collapse with my stuff on it.)

Second, we cleared the last items we care about out of the attic of the old house, and swept up a bit. I don't see any reason I need to go back up there again. Indeed, that may have been finis for the house -- aside from checking in on it a couple of times in the days before closing on general principles, there isn't much reason to go back. I'm encouraged to see that the buyers are clearly just as committed to and serious about the deal as we are: they've already come in and begun to do some of the smaller repairs on the back wing, in order to help get their mortgage approved.

Fingers crossed, please -- we're in the final stretch here. I have considerable confidence that the buyers aren't going to intentionally screw things up, but there are any number of bureaucrats who can still make our lives complicated. Another errand today was faxing the full mortgage note off to the mortgage company, who claim that it will take weeks to get their copy out of their archives. Far as I can tell, they're simply dragging their feet in order, to see if they can get more money out of us before we pay them off. They're also making noises about prepayment penalties, which are complete and total lies -- and, fortunately, clearly false from the note. Suffice it to say, I do not recommend doing business with Washington Mututal: they've made this whole process pointlessly more difficult...
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