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That's the last truly *big* milestone done with. We are now the proud owners of one fewer house.

Aside from having six months' interest stuck in escrow until Washington Mutual gets their act together, the closing went quite smoothly. I'm not entirely sure why settlement attorneys all seem to be friendly jokers, but this fellow was one, much like the one for our purchase. Unlike with our purchase, it was a pretty crowded room: both buyers, both sellers, their lawyer, and both sets of realtors. The only person who didn't come was our lawyer. (Her opinion is that the lawyers are mostly extraneous in these things, provided that all documents have been reviewed by her in advance -- far as I can tell, she regards it as bill-padding, and she despises bill-padders. So she gave us her cell number in case of emergency, but otherwise just wished us well.)

The buyers turned out not to be the couple we had thought -- instead, it's a young couple buying their first house. It seems like a very good fit -- he seems to be quite the handyman, and didn't seem to be too fazed by the needed work. (He almost casually remarked on the sag in the floors, and said that he'll be jacking them up sometime in the next few weeks.) That's pretty much what we were looking for -- someone who is willing to put in a modest amount of money and a bunch of sweat equity to boost the value of the house considerably. I suspect that, within a few months, we wouldn't be able to recognize the place. They're even locals: they're moving out of his parents' place in Bishop's Forest, less than a mile away, so we didn't need to tell them about the ins and outs of Waltham.

Almost there. The next few months will be focused on emptying out Storage Units 2 and 3, and gradually unpacking the stuff from them. And then we're done...
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