Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Strategic side-choosing

msmemory just pointed out to me that, since we've moved house, we need to re-register to vote, and the deadline for the next local election is Friday.

Which raises an interesting question: which party do I want to declare as, when the time comes? On the one hand, I tend to vote Democrat -- my heritage is rather overwhelmingly so, and I am pretty disgusted with the Republican party these days. OTOH, my actual biases are somewhere in between the two parties at the theoretical level (really, there isn't any party that suits my mildly libertarian tastes especially well), and I actually care more about the Republican primaries: downing the loonies and crooks at the first hurdle seems like a high priority these days, and I do think that restoring a sane conservative party would be a generally good thing. So the question is, is there value in declaring Republican, so that I can have a microscopic influence in that direction?

Choices, choices...
Tags: politics

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