Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Party Announcement

Okay -- the house is getting into decent shape, both inside and out, so it's time to start planning our next party.

So: y'all come to our Garden-Warming and Cookout, on Memorial Day! That's Monday, May 29th, at the end of the weekend so those who are going to weekend events have a chance to come. It's be a pleasant afternoon out, with croquet, bocce, frisbee and such out on the lawn, and generally socializing and seeing friends. We'll start the party around midafternoon -- say about 2pm -- and run into the evening. At suppertime, we'll fire up the grill for the usual ritual sacrifice of cow products.

No formal RSVP required, but if you know you're coming drop us a note so that we have some idea how many to plan for. We'll be providing a bunch of core food, but more will be welcome (as will lawn chairs -- we can seat a dozen or so, but could probably use more).

Put it on your calendar, and come join us! Having wound up with a big lawn and pretty garden (and a few good shade trees), we may as well make good use of it...

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