Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


A postscript to the weekend: how could I forget to talk about the weather?

Sometimes the universe cooperates in providing apt symbolism for life events, and this time that was the case in a big way. The weather on Friday was actually pretty good, which was useful in helping us cope with the stress of the day, but things went downhill from there. It peaked on Sunday, the day of the visiting hours, with record-setting downpours -- Bridgeport got well over five inches of rain that day. (Indeed, when the nightly news showed the rainfall for the day, the big purple splotch of insanely heavy rain was roughly from her apartment in Shelton to the Church in Bridgeport.) I was impressed that as many people got there as did, given that there was widespread flooding. Monday's funeral was a sort of melancholy rain, settling down to a spitting grey in PA for the interment. And the sun finally came out again as we were driving back to my parents in NJ.

If I was a preacher myself, this would make fine fodder for a sermon. As it is, I'll let the symbolism stand on its own...

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