Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Excesses of chocolate and paper

Lunch today was at The Chocolate Bar, at Cafe Fleuri. This is an orgy of sugar: a Saturday brunch made up principally of chocolate and related flavors. Perfectly dark and gooey bread pudding; chocolate crepes (and I mean that the crepe itself is chocolate, not just the fillings); "mexican chocolate soup" (think thick cinnamon hot chocolate); and an impossible number of different cakes. I won't be able to look at sweets for a week, but it's a delightful outing once in a while.

Afterwards, msmemory and I indulged our bibliomania at MacIntyre and Moore, IMO the best used bookstore anywhere. They have a lot of good sections, but they stand out in Medieval and Renaissance studies, both literature and history. Over the years, they've gone from two five-foot tall bookcases of period books to something like seven eight-footers. I tried to keep myself focused on vaguely useful stuff, so I only picked up five volumes:

  • The Wakefield Pageants in the Towneley Cycle, as research materials for if I ever sit down and actually write my play (which has a play-within-a-play of the worst passion play ever performed);

  • At Play in the Tavern, a book about the social import of gaming in taverns, which looks to be worthwhile for the bibliography alone;

  • and three volumes of The Muqaddimah, a rambling fourteenth-century Arabic book of history, philosophy and everything else, with side discourses on subjects as diverse as alchemy and linguistics.

Heaven only knows when I'm actually going to find time to read any of these, but they were a little too interesting to let languish on the store shelves. And I'm proud of myself for the eight books I didn't buy...

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