Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Japanese Comics are just *different*...

As is best exemplified by this blurb in the latest Previews:
"In a time when the Japanese food industry was struggling economically, a man named Momofuku Andou sought to turn the tide. Seeking a new type of food for the new era, he ordered the development of a "cup noodle" -- a revolutionary idea for a convenient instant noodle. Overcoming public skepticism as well as doubts even from those within their own company, Andou and his staff of young developers constantly challenged convention to create this new product. Behind the now familiar cup o' noodle, which has sold over 8.2 billion worldwide, there lies a dramatic story of the struggles of the men behind its success."
The title of the book is, no shit, "Project X -- The Challengers: Nissan Cup Noodle". (Subtitle: "The Miracle of 8.2 Billion Cup Noodles") I'm half-tempted to get it just to see how the standard manga tropes get used to spice up the subject...
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