Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Sometimes a media feeding frenzy can be useful...

So the latest in the NSA spying scandal just came out: Wired News has decided, pretty much on its own, to publicize the whistleblower's report on AT&T, and the access it provided to the NSA. Their logic is a smidgeon questionable -- they assert that the judge in the case has denied all explicit requests from the EFF and the like to publish the material, but never said anything about anybody else publishing it, so they're not breaking the court order. But it's water under the bridge now: time to find out what's actually said there.

The release can be found here (that's an ordinary news page, but links to a 1.5 Meg PDF with the document itself), and their rationale can be found here. Go fetch it now if you want it, because I think there's every possibility it won't be there in an hour. (Depending on how cagey AT&T is -- at this point, their smartest course of action is to ride it out, rather than trying to suppress it. But I don't count on them being smart here...)

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