Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

There are very few categories of people who I would line up against a wall and have shot...

... but Russian spammers have managed to make their way into that list.

I just discovered that the Rolls Ethereal have been vandalized -- utterly, meticulously and very intentionally destroyed -- by a spammer. Special. Not going to be simple to recover, either, since the bad data is interleaved with the good in the logs. In theory, I can fix this; in practice, it hasn't been done before, and some of the tools I need don't exist yet (I added the logging facility a long time ago, but not the tool to recover from the logs), so a bunch of time that was going to be spent on wiki-tech instead has to be spent on the Rolls. What fun.

Anybody know a good captcha package for Perl that I can drop in here?
Tags: evil spamming bastards, programming, rolls
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