Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Blithering bureaucrats...

Remarkable. I'm assuming that it's already become the buzz of LJ, but in case anyone hasn't heard: there is an email making the rounds announcing that Pennsic, starting in 2007, has had its dates moved back a week, to start in late July instead of early August.

Now mind, I don't have any problem with the change in principle -- I think their reasoning (that Pennsic is currently running close enough to school start to be a problem for many parents) is decent. What astounds me is that a bunch of theoretically-sensible people (including the Seneschals of all three key Kingdoms) appear to have made the change without the slightest consultation with the populace. (There are certainly some issues unaddressed in the email, including the fact that many people plan their Pennsic vacations more than a year out.) And the publicity of the change hasn't exactly been well-handled, coming across as remarkably high-handed.

Twits. The change per se is no skin off my nose, but I'm rather annoyed by the way this has been handled. You would think, by now, that the higher-ups of the Society would have gotten the clue that Input Is Good when making a chance of this magnitude, at least to give the populace the feeling that they are being listened to. But no -- the bureaucracy is as insular as ever...

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