Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Who is getting what, and Last Call

Okay -- summarizing the dibs that have been called on the videotapes:

goldsquare: Has first dibs on Babylon 5, but might want to talk with rosinavs about letting her watch them first. This optionally includes Crusade; up to you.

rosinavs: Has called TNG, DS9, Voyager, Firefly, early BSG and Stargate SG-1. Be warned: that's a goodly number of tapes, since the Star Treks were all taped at SP. But it's a good bunch of stuff to watch.

cellio: Gets Jeremiah season 2, as soon as we dub it for our own use.

dreda: Gets Max Headroom, as soon as we dub it for our own use.

hungrytiger: Gets VR.5 and Blake's 7 after we dub them, and Lois and Clark.

Just for reference, TV shows that we have substantial runs of on VHS recorded from the air that have not been called yet include: 24; Andromeda; Angel; Beauty and the Beast; Birds of Prey; Buffy; Cadfael; Dark Angel; Dead Like Me; Earth: Final Conflict; Enterprise; Farscape; Flash; Full Circle; Good Eats; Highlander; I, Claudius; JAG; Jeremiah season 1; Joan of Arcadia; John Doe; Jules Verne; Lone Gunmen; Macguyver; Manchild; MI-5; Millennium; NCIS; Nowhere Man; Outer Limits; Police Squad; Quantum Leap; Robin of Sherwood; Space: Above and Beyond; Seaquest DSV; Sliders; Space Cases; Total Recall 2070; Twin Peaks; X-Files; and many different cartoon shows. If you're interested in any of the above, speak up now, before they start getting thrown out. Note that some series are harder to separate out than others -- due to airing schedules, some shows have tended to intertwine with others on the tapes. (In particular, the cartoons are deeply mixed up together.)
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