Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Another milestone...

Storage Unit #3, the big 10x20 at Public Storage, is now empty and closed out. That's 400 square feet of storage finished with, just 50 to go. (The small 5x10 unit full of comics.)

We have one leftover bookcase that I don't think we're going to wind up using -- it's a sort of cheap curio case, about a foot wide and six feet high, with adjustable shelves, white laminate. Available to anyone who comes and takes it away; otherwise, I think we're going to wind up throwing it out.

It takes an amazingly long time to move. But I have to say, using the storage units as intermediate space was *such* a good decision -- not only did it make the move itself smoother, it's meant that we can have the house itself almost completely unpacked at any given time. Not having a gigantic mountain of packed boxes in the house at once has made the whole process feel much more tractable. Still, I'm happy to have it off my monthly Visa bill...
Tags: moving

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