Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Pirates of Ravenna

So there we were, having dinner last night, chatting about the new Pirates movie. I was talking about some of the characters, and got to the comic relief pair, fumbling around for a description (since I still haven't actually caught their names); msmemory said, "Oh -- you mean the Zanni". And we were off to the races.

Granted, most comedy more or less maps to Commedia, but I hadn't previously noted how closely Pirates of the Carribean does. The Amorosi do a fine job of yearning for each other; Daddy has a strong Gratiano streak when he gets going; and our main character is delightful interpretation of Spavento, with all the braggadocio and bluster one could want. The correspondence breaks down here and there (the head of the East India Company is a bit too evil for Pantalone, and Barbarossa is just too much fun to quite be Brughella), but it's still fun to play with...

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