Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Oooh -- evil, but well done...

Okay, it's an evil phishing spam. But most of these phishing attempts are so pathetically lame, I have some small admiration for one that's well-executed. In this case, it claims to be a response to an eBay argument -- a faked reply. I've gotten these before, but this one has just the right tone: very defensive, with the person at the other end getting very offended about having been threatened over a bad bid. The immediate gut reaction is to log in and say, "Sorry, but you've got the wrong person". But of course, the "Respond Now" link (alone of the links in the message) goes to a phishing site.

I'm far too suspicious to fall for this, but it's nicely executed, and a good reminder to continue to be suspicious of all links found in email...
Tags: spam

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