Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Not exactly the poster boy for party unity...

I have a bit of sympathy for Joe Lieberman -- while I disagree with many of his stands, it does rather seem like he's getting picked on here. And I don't expect a principled politician to vote along reliable party lines.

That said, I do not have much tolerance for hypocrisy. His calls for party unity, saying that it is inappropriate for Democrats to be fighting against each other when they should really be dealing with the Republicans, is pretty rich, coming from a man who has strongly hinted that he will stand as an independent if he loses the primary. He needs to get the clue that people are unhappy with him for a reason, and the threat to his position does not come from "infighting" -- it comes from the fact that many people don't consider him a Democrat any more.

If he really cares about party unity, he should be paying at least *some* attention to what the rest of the party thinks. And if he disagrees with it, it's his responsibility to clearly explain why. The test of a leader comes when the people don't agree with where he's leading. If he can't at least convince them that his position is reasonable, he's not really a leader...
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