Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Base-a-ball been-a beddy, beddy goot, to me

Went out to the Red Sox game last night with msmemory and hungrytiger, thanks to the latter scoring a couple of free tickets as part of his HR department outing. Random observations:

I am boggled at the notion that his "HR department" is larger than all but one company I've ever worked for. Moreover, that's just the *central* HR department. It drives home just how mind-blowingly big Harvard is.

The game wasn't the Sox' best outing this year. msmemory kept reminding me all through the first inning, "Becket always screws up the first, then he settles down". Which he did, and the Sox played a decent game, but against a team as surprisingly good as the Tigers we just couldn't afford to be trailing the whole time.

That said, it's not as if anyone out in the right field bleachers was paying all that much attention to the game. It's quite the party atmosphere out there. The principal distraction was provided by a small knot of outspoken (and young) Yankees fans, who managed to get into a game of "Anything you can rude, I can rude better; I can be oh-so-much ruder than you" with some drunkards in the SRO section 40 feet above. I have no idea who started it, but it was a good reminder that the Lager Lout is far from a purely European phenomenon.

Speaking of beer: the new food court at Fenway is surprisingly decent. They have separated the beer sales by taste: one stand selling nothing but Bud Light (which lets the rest of us ignore it), one selling a couple of decent varieties of Sam Adams, and one little tiny one (which, sadly, I didn't notice in time) selling Guinness and Harp on tap. Oh, and the food is at least competent, if unbelievably expensive.

I'm starting to get the hang of the Orange Line, which I've really never used before this year, but is now the sensible T line for us. But I do wish (probably in vain) that they would stop constructing it. We wound up having to take the bus back to Oak Grove, having found out much too late that the line would be closing down after Haymarket about midway through the game. And I long for the day that the finish the damned Charlie Card rollout, so I can stop having to figure out what sort of payment I need at each entrance...
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