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That unique form of ennui'ed procrastination known as Writer's Block is sort of like taking a long bath in a vat of boiling acid -- it feels so good when you stop.

For months now, I've been staring at the Girl Genius game and getting more frustrated: lots of good characters there, lots of funny potential bits, but there wasn't a game there. A good LARP (at least, one of mine) needs some sort of *story* being told, not just a bunch of random events, and the pieces just weren't cohering. The ideas were floating around in my head, but without some sort of direction I couldn't really write them down usefully.

And then, today, it came to me. I'd had almost all the jigsaw pieces already, but I got the one apparently-unrelated element that connected them. In the course of less than an hour, the overall plot of the story suddenly pulled together. Finally, after staring at the screen for six months, I now know why all of these characters need to be right here, right now. (Not to mention 2-4 more characters abruptly entering from stage left to add themselves to the story. I'm going to be looking for a small group of players interested in taking a bunch of fun but unexpected characters.)

Vast amounts to do yet, of course -- I haven't even begun to write, and probably won't for a fair while yet. But now I know where the game is going, and it's starting to look like fun, with humor, plot and no small amount of angst suddenly added to the mix.

It feels lovely to towel off the acid, and get back to work.

(BTW -- tpau, when are we doing game signups? I probably want to send out character questionnaires the instant the game fills. I want to cast as early as I can manage, to give people time to costume...)
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