Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Looking for a Senior Programmer

Job-opening time again. We're looking to round out our development team, by hiring someone pretty experienced. The job title is "Principal Software Engineer", so we're looking for something in the ballpark of 12 years of experience. Requires major experience with C-derivative languages (C++, Java, C#); the actual work will *probably* be C#-heavy, but we tend to work in a bunch of language environments here. Significant client/server web-app experience is required. The environment here is highly Borged -- we don't require that people *like* Microsoft (heaven knows I don't), but you need to be comfortable working more or less entirely in Windows. Convoq is a relatively well-funded and well-run startup, but it's still a startup; keep that in mind. The business and engineering practices are quite reasonable -- it's not a 70-hours-a-week kind of place, but everyone is expected to do their job responsibly and well.

In summary: we're looking for an experienced and serious professional software engineer, who likes working in a smallish company and doesn't mind the mild risk of working for a startup. If this sounds interesting, drop me a note (mwaks at convoq), and I'll send you the formal job listing...
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