Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Sunday Impressions II: The Point of the Exercise

Sunday afternoon, we get to the reason we've all been called to Colorado Springs: the wedding of my stepbrother Mike and his longtime lady Crystal.

The gazebo sits in the middle of a small pond. For a larger wedding, the guests would sit on the mammoth stones of the amphitheater along one side of the pond, and watch the entertainment from there. But we are only twenty people (plus two children, one dog, and approximately 35 cameras), so we fit nicely into the gazebo. It is hibernating, and does not eat us.

Joshua and Riley (my sister's children, 5 and 2) steal the day comprehensively. Joshua proudly bears his first suit through the ceremony, before proudly losing his first tie.

The ceremony flows elegantly, as the bride and groom have designed it. While being mostly devoid of religion, it nonetheless has good ritual -- the bride gives stones to each attendee, asking them to seal a wish in the stone and then return it to the bowl designed to hold those wishes permanently.

The ringbearer is Ciana -- the dog. The rings are extricated from the pouch hung from her collar; everyone oohs appropriately.

Staring into The Wall of Cameras, one cannot quite tell whether there are actually people back there: they are too hidden by all the lenses. It doesn't seem possible that so few people can take so many photographs at once.

Dinner at The Blue Star. (Gratuitous Galaxina references go through msmemory's and my minds, but we don't bring them up to the family, because it would require describing that wretched movie.) One long table: the Tegers (the groom's side) settle at one end, and the Shaws (the bride's) at the other. All are friendly, but the difference in taste is evident from the choice of salad on.

The cake is unique: a literal mountain of chocolate icing, with the bride and groom scaling it. Joshua eats the bride's (marzipan) head, and informs the crowd that it is hard.
Tags: colorado, diary, vacation

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