Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Sweets, both High and Low

The lowbrow: Dulce de Leche Oreos. I kid you not -- it's the current experimental "limited edition". Actually surprisingly good: they have a fairly strong (and decently real) caramel flavor, with almost a coffee undertone. I wouldn't want them all the time, but they're a nice change of pace as a nasty-sweet snack.

The highbrow: Casa Don Puglisi chocolate bars. I happened upon one of these a couple of weeks ago at the Concord Cheese Shop (the only place I've ever seen them), and went back today for several more to savor over the coming months. These are a true nibbler's chocolate, good and very unusual, hand-wrapped from a boutique chocolatier in Italy, with nothing but pure cacao and sugar. What makes them weird is that they haven't been through the "conching" process that virtually all modern chocolate has, so it's more like a period chocolate: less smooth, with distinct chocolate and sugar grains co-existing in the bar. But the flavor is pure, strong and sweet (the bars are ~45%, a nice medium-dark), and the unusual texture makes for a really delightful change of pace. Very pricey (about $5 a bar), but one bar is lasting me about a week of after-dinner nibbling...
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