Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Suggestions on Eclipse Guts documentation?

Another technical question, although looking for a different audience this time.

We're starting to use Flex Builder quite a bit at work -- that's the new Flash development platform, based on Eclipse. We need to get our hands deeply into this, so that we can start automating our systems properly. So I'm looking for documentation.

The thing is, there are lots of books on Eclipse -- for Java. Whole series of books about Eclipse, all of which assume that you're doing bog-standard Java development using it. Given that the whole thing about Eclipse is that it's this open platform for any language (and indeed, even for non-programming environments), I find this ruefully amusing.

So the question is: does anyone have recommendations for good documentation -- either on dead trees or electrons -- about the *guts* of Eclipse? Specifically, clear descriptions of what's going on under the hood, how these plugins all hang together, where all the pieces are located, and so on? Not necessarily quite at the "how to write plugins" level, but at least describing the overarching principles of the system, rather than focusing in on the details of how the Java instantiation works.

An example of the kind of problem I'm trying to deal with: we need to automate our build process. As part of that, we want to compile our Flash programs in the same way that Eclipse does so interactively. I strongly suspect that that interactive process is being driven by Ant, somewhere deep under the hood, and that there's an Ant script that describes exactly what the Eclipse build is doing. But damned if I can figure out where that script is located. Hence the desire to figure out how this system hangs together...
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