Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Continuing on the subject of Stupid Design Tricks...

Okay, so I finally got signed up for the bloody conference. Now I'm using the glitzy Flash "schedule design" tool to set up my plan.

Image two panels, top and bottom. The top one lists all of the panels; the bottom one is details. When you mouse over a panel, the details show up in the bottom pane. Which is great, except that the details run off the *bottom* of the pane. And of course, if you move the mouse to go to the scrollbar for the bottom pane, it loses the panel selection. Very special.

Eventually, I twigged that you could click on the panel, which "locks" it into place so that you get get to the scrollbar. At least, it makes it the default -- if you move the mouse over any *other* panel, it switches to that. But it's at least possible to read the details, once you figure the UI out. However, any design that involves "figure the UI out" is a bad design, pretty much by definition.

I have to say, my faith in these people who are supposed to be teaching me is not very high right now...
Tags: technology

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