Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A Call For Action

This one has nothing to do with mundane politics. It has a bit to do with SCA politics, but in a relatively productive way.

Quite some time ago, Duke Flieg wrote a rather nice proposal to change the whole concept of SCA "membership". The proposal goes into much more detail, but the main concept is to redefine a "member" as anyone who attends events, and to fund the Corporation through a small surchange on all event fees instead of through direct membership fees. Personally, I think it's a very sensible idea -- it would slash the administrative expenses of running the Corporation (which largely go to dealing with membership), and get rid of the divisive concept of "members" vs. "non-members" once and for all.

This proposal was supposed to go out to the membership for comment, at least in a simplified form. However, the Board has apparently chosen to just let the idea drop. Personally, I think that's somewhere between cowardly and reprehensible, especially for an idea this good and representing so much thought.

So I ask anyone who is interested in this subject (and it should at least be interesting to anyone who thinks that the NMS is an issue), to go to Flieg's page, read through what he has to say, and write to "comments@sca.org" about it. It would be very nice to see the Board get deluged with polite, concise but firm letters telling them to get off their asses and seriously consider fixing this mess.

Pass it on...

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