Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Impressions of Vegas: Thursday

Right -- let's finish the diary entries, before I forget about them entirely.

Remember that comfort food last night? Urgh. I remember once again that pasta is bad for me mainly because I always eat what's in front of me. And when it's carbonara, that can be bad. (And worse when it's Cheesecake Factory sized portions.) Not a good night for sleep.

Every developer in the world has a Treo 650, I think. And none of us have changed the ringtones. I don't know how many times during this conference I have been startled into grabbing my phone, only to realize that it was someone else's phone ringing.

As I leave the conference, I idly note that the next show setting up in the Venetian is for Scitor. Oddly familiar name. Double take, as I remember that Scitor is my stepbrother's company. I call him on his cellphone, and discover that yes, I've just missed him -- has and his lady Crystal are over at the Bellagio prepping to go to a show, having checked into the Venetian an hour ago. Pity -- would have been fun to go out for a drink before my flight, but the timing isn't going to work.

I realize that modern Massachusetts has seeped deeply into me -- the smoking in public keeps surprising me. I keep having a reaction of, "You can't do that!", and then realize that, yes, they probably can here.

Remember all those people who were at the gate at the preposterously late hour of 10:30pm when I flew in? That's me, tonight. I realize that my redeye flight home is the return from the flight I took to get here.

The audio on the plane is out of commission, so there's no movie. Which is okay, because what they do instead is show a fun little "what's going on with your flight" applet on the screens. It is constantly rotating through all sorts of stats about the plane. One minute, it's showing a medium-scale map of the plane's current location, with a little red trail of the route we've taken. Next, it's showing the airspeed, or the altitude, or the temperature outside (a balmy 45 degrees below zero). Next, it's showing a useless but cute 3D landscape rendering from behind the plane, a sort of "The World As Seen From California" view across the country. Overall, actually much more entertaining than the typical inflight movie, and well-suited for occasionally glancing up at while reading.

Note to self: exit row seats are a great thing, and worth the effort to obtain most of the time. (For the extra legroom.) However, on a redeye flight they are a *really* bad idea, since they don't recline. I fail to get any sleep at all. Which I wasn't really expecting to get anyway, but having to sit bolt upright the whole five hours doesn't help. (Nor does the excessively tall athlete folded into origami in the seat next to me...)
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