Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

New Tech Toy of the Day

A blog post just put me on to the new technology preview of Microsoft Photosynth. It's a very neat toy, the latest in the realm of photo panorama generators -- it apparently takes a collection of photographs of a space, figures out how they all relate to each other spatially, and allows you to fly around in that virtual space, with very intuitive zooming capability. Not the first of its sort, but remarkably capable of coping with very scattered photos, at random angles and zooms, stitching them all together.

It's alpha software, and probably pretty intolerant of much system variation. But it's a moderate ActiveX download, so if you have an appropriate machine (a reasonably beefy and modern Windows box), it's worth taking a few minutes for the distraction.

(And I must say: I'm really enjoying the new trend of technology previews. It seems to have become de rigeur for every big company to have a "Lab" site, showing off the alphas of what they're playing with right now. They're often more fun than the resulting products...)
Tags: technology

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