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Before it slips entirely out of my mind, an account of this weekend's University:

Classes were quite a bit of fun all around. I started off with ladysprite's Intro to 16th Century Italian Dance class, which went extremely well, I thought -- she taught with aplomb, despite having to deal with a couple of dance Laurels and a very noisy child in the room. liamstliam's Peer/Associate Roundtable was a hoot, although it scarcely scratched the surface of the topic; everyone agreed that we could have used four (heck, ten) times as much time on it, and that we should do this more often. And Gedney's class on Historical Piracy was a ton of fun and quite informative, if probably painful to pirate fans -- it essentially boiled down to systematically demonstrating that *everything* we generally believe about piracy is inappropriate for the SCA (and much of it is simply wrong in the first place).

My own classes were a mixed bag. My Intro to 15th Century Italian Dance went decently well, but showed the fact that I hadn't prepared as well as ladysprite; I'll need to work on prep more next time I do this. My Game of Gleek class was better-prepared, but done in by the fact that only one person showed up, and it's a three-player game. Fortunately, the one person was the lovely lakshmi_amman, who was interested in learning something, so I changed course and instead taught her the two-player game Picket.

In general, the event went well -- the crisis of not getting the schedule from the EKU Chancellor until rather terribly late aside, we still got a decent turnout. Lunch was plentiful and tasty, and everything ran on schedule. For the auction, msmemory and I succeeded in spending over a hundred dollars and only bringing home a length of fabric, which is appreciated by our crowded house. (I got the custom pewter buttons from Rozi, and she the jerky from Freya, both to be made later.)

Afterwards was a really delightful postrevel. The night before, new_man and I had been grousing about how rare open post-revels were these days -- very few aside from the ones at Wadsworth, and no really well publicized ones in ages. So he took that to heart and decided, on the spur of the moment that morning, to put one together. That was fully successful: there was a varied crowd of folks (including the Society Exchequer playing cultural compare-and-contrast), lots of storytelling, and even a little singing. We need to do that more often. (And yes, we'll undoubtedly start hosting them ourselves once health and house permit it.)
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