Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

TV of Yore

[Happy birthday to eudociainboston!]

It really is fascinating, doing the VHS-to-DVD dubs of the obscure TV shows that never made it long enough to get commercially released. I am reminded of all these shows that were, if not exactly *good*, at least very interesting in retrospect.

For instance, today is VR-5. Only lasted half-a-season in 1995, but take a look at the high concept. We've got a 20-something girl named Sydney, whose father bequeathed upon her a mysterious legacy of skills that she is only beginning to understand as she probes her own memories, mentored by a character played by Tony Head who was a member of a mysterious organization whose motives are somewhat unclear and with whom he has fallen out.

Sound just a wee bit familiar? It's always fascinating to watch the genre thrashing around, trying to find the right way to make ideas click...
Tags: tv

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