Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

And that is why we subscribe to Cook's Illustrated

Tonight's experiment was the "Very Good Mushroom Lasagna", from the September/October issue. The underlying theme seems to be that the way to get decent mushroom flavor is to have lots and Lots and LOTS of mushrooms -- two pounds of portobelli *plus* half an ounce of dried porcini *and* half a pound of sauteed buttons. Way too much work and expense (see "two pounds of portobelli"), and the end result isn't even remotely healthy (the lasagna involves a quart of milk and a pound of cheese) but it's very tasty.

Recommended to those looking for a good veggie entree. (And who like mushrooms.) No, I'm not typing it in -- the recipe is very, very long, and creative enough that I'm going to respect their copyright on this. Find it in the library, or get the collection at the end of the year...
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