Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Pointless but Cute Technologies, #2948

So I've confirmed what I suspected: the new camera on my new desktop computer at work lets me use "live avatars". That is, it detects my facial movements, and instead of showing my face when I'm communicating, shows an animated avatar. Current frame rates are very slow (maybe four frames/second), but Moore's Law will take care of that.

I'm curious about how long it will take before online services like Second Life begin to use technology like this, allowing you to simply "talk" to your camera and have it show up as your in-game avatar talking, mimicking your lips and facial expressions. There are some standards that will have to be developed before this is possible, but it's clearly coming: this toy serves as a nice little proof-of-concept.

So if you try to do a video IM with me, don't be surprised if I show up as a bug-eyed alien, or a shark, or even a smiley face, all of which I have currently installed...
Tags: technology

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