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BSG Characters

A couple of times in recent weeks, I've gotten into discussions about Battlestar Galactica, and specifically whether the show had particularly good or bad characterization. This makes me curious about what people think on the subject, so I shall assuage my curiosity in the tried and true LJ fashion: let's have a poll!

This poll is intended for people who have watched a fair amount of BSG. If you haven't watched at least half a season worth, just skip right over it. Note that there are two distinct questions here; they're related, but please think about them separately. This is strictly focused on the characters -- for purposes of this poll, disregard questions of plot, plausibility of the scenario, and so on. Feel free to add further opinions in comments.

Poll #892555 Battlestar Galactica Characters

How much do you like watching the characters in BSG? This isn't a question of whether you consider them good or accurate people, but just whether you think they're fun to watch.

I think they're pretty much all great to watch.
Mostly good, but a few are just plain annoying.
Some good, some bad.
I really only enjoy watching a few of them.
Bleah -- hate watching all of them.

How realistic do you think the characters on BSG are? Entirely aside from whether they're fun to watch or not, do you think they are a fair depiction of plausible people?

Oh yes -- exceptionally accurate portrayal of the human condition.
Above average, but there are a substantial number of off notes.
About average for TV drama.
Some good notes, but in general I don't think they really get people right.
Nah -- people just aren't like that.
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