Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Well, that didn't suck (impressions of 12th Night)

12th Night has a not-totally-undeserved reputation as a fairly "blah" event, with order meetings and court and nothing else to do. But I must say, it is improved tenfold by being held on a day with perfect -- and I mean absolutely, couldn't-be-better ideal -- May Day weather. If you're going to be spending much of the day just hanging out, best to do some of it outside in the uncannily lovely sunshine.

ladysprite's Italian Fruit Goop, a warm brown compote of cherries and figs and stuff, spread on bread. Do find a chance to try some -- it's really quite good.

umbran getting his AoA, with a lovely little scroll full of nice Latvian detail work. These things are always more fun when they fit the recipient.

Driving home in the crunchy-clear moonlight. The nearly-full moon acting as a billion-lumen searchlight, fimbriating the clouds, their edges glowing bright white in the reflected sunlight while the centers stay Tootsie-Roll dark -- the effect against the black sky is quite surreal...
Tags: diary, sca

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