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Politically incorrect though it is to say so, I rather like Visual Studio -- it's a powerful system, and I find it decently intuitive. But I will say this: I do occasionally regret working in C# rather than Java, mainly because Eclipse has such delightful toys.

Today's stumble-upon was the Mylar project. This Eclipse plugin is sort of a programming workflow-management tool, but one that takes the problem really seriously. Basically, it refocuses Eclipse to be "task-centric". The underlying notion is that, if you are working on a project of any serious scale, there's just too much information to keep track of, but you don't *need* most of that information most of the time. So it works to dynamically track what you interact with when working on which tasks, maintaining that context and letting you quickly switch in and out of filtered views of your system. A moderately in-depth article on what Mylar does can be found on the IBM site.

Currently, I don't have much excuse to play with Eclipse -- I'm just not doing anything in Java right now, and Eclipse's C# support still lags well behind Visual Studio's, as far as I can tell. But I may have to make up an excuse, at least for some home project, to get a feel for what this tool is like. It sounds like the leading edge of the next big thing to hit IDE tools, now that refactoring support is finally becoming ubiquitous...
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