Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Gadget Lust

I'm actually not a huge mobile aficionado -- I was late to the cell-phone game, and still don't use it nearly as much as most people do. But man: Apple may have just come out with this year's splurge.

The news about the iPhone is an interesting mix. On the one hand, the BBC has an interview with Nokia, pointing out that the iPhone doesn't actually do anything their phone haven't been doing for years. On the other, there is the tech news, which seems to carry a consistent message: yes, the iPhone is doing all of those things -- but unlike all the other phones out there, the iPhone doesn't suck. It has a phone interface that doesn't suck, a web browser that doesn't suck, and a music player that doesn't suck. That *is* something of a change.

The previews are compelling. The big deal is mainly that they've rethought the UI with the usual Apple intolerance of bad design. The innovations are all dumb little things that make a big difference, like showing your voicemail messages as a visual list, instead of having to wade your way through audio menus. They're apparently having a lot of fun with their "multi-touch" touchscreen, which lets you do things like zoom in on a picture by grabbing the corners of the area to zoom and pulling away. The fact that it's a decent music player as well is neat, although I'm disappointed that it's only 8GB, not nearly enough for my whole collection. If they come out with an 80GB version, so that it can truly replace my iPod, I'm all over it.

We'll see -- while I get entraced with gadgets quickly, I tend to be lazy about getting around to buying them. Still, when summer comes around and this thing actually comes out, I may have to take a closer look at Cingular (the only carrier for the thing), and see if I could stand them in order to get this phone...
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